Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Minor Example of the Lack of Professionalism in Mexico's Educational System

The Secretariat of Public Education announced yesterday that there will be a four-day weekend for the Day of the Dead, which is Tuesday. Needless to say, parents, teachers, and anyone else invested in educational quality would prefer to have a little more of a heads-up than zero school days. You had a long review today for a test to be taken on Monday? Sorry, Teach, you're outta luck.

When I was teaching in Mexico, this kind of thing would happen at least three or four times a year. I once was advised with about 12 hours of notice that I had to go to a day-long seminar on the day that my students were taking a semestral exam. The seminar would invariably involve listening to meaningless platitudes from a self-important veteran of the SNTE, or someone younger leading workshops and just kind of moving things along, in case that the resident veteran decided to stop by. It would just make you want to shake the people responsible.

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