Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well, That's Embarrassing

Evidently, La Barbie wasn't captured as the result of a 1,000-man operation; he turned himself in. Why would the government be spreading the news that they caught him? First of all, it's not worse news just because he turned himself in. There's still another capo behind bars. More to the point, it's not like anyone was convinced of Calderón's basic soundness and competency owing to that one event; it was a big deal at the time, and Valdez is certainly a big fish, but in the broad scope of Mexican security, it was not a game-changing moment. Had it actually occurred, the Valdez operation alone would have provided a minor and temporary boost to perceptions of Calderón's drug policy, and for the sake of that blip, they all made fools of themselves. Whosever idea this was deserves all of the egg on his or her face.

At least now we have a clue as to why he was smiling the whole time.

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