Friday, September 24, 2010

Against a Truce

Leo Zuckermann doesn't like the editorial from El Diario, but he says it was more complicated than a simple plea for peace:
You can criticize Calderón's strategy against organized crime (in this space we have done so). But what sounds like a street fight is saying that the president started the poor because he was illegitimate [as the paper accused]. That can have only one goal: to piss off the government. Why?

Because El Diario is very pissed. Not only have two of their people been killed but now, according to Alejandro Poiré, federal government spokesperson, the Procuraduría de Chihuahua has signaled that the most likely motive for the murder of Luis Carlos Santiago "is for personal reasons and not for his professional activities". El Diario doesn't believe this...
The practice of chalking up murders committed for political reasons to lovers' quarrels has a long history in Mexico.

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