Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Empty Blustering, or a Sign?

It's hard to know whether Manlio Fabio Beltrones' call to return the tranquility of the past that the PAN governments have lost is just an easy way to lash out at Calderón, or if this is an indicator that he would be more accommodating toward organized crime* were he to arrive to Los Pinos in 2012. If it's the latter, is that reflective of his entire party's approach, or just his own predisposition? Peña Nieto said the opposite a few weeks ago, but of course he could have been fibbing.

*I hasten to add that, for reasons I've explained before and will surely explain again though not now because it is late, the much-longed-for narco-government pact likely couldn't hold, and would be too politically risky to guide policy for any length of time.

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