Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Half Full or Half Empty?

A Mexico fan could choose to be disappointed by the suspension from the Tri of promising youngsters Efraín Juárez and Carlos Vela. After all, it is a shame that they won't be able to continue developing with the rest of the green-shirts, and the reason for the suspension -- a prostitute- and transvestite-filled post-game bash following the victory over Colombia on September 7-- is a bit embarrassing.

But I think we have to see things as half full here. While generally criminal and likely immoral, mishaps with prostitutes are a rite of passage into the elite levels of soccer. Vela and Juárez are heading down a path previously tread by the likes of Wayne Rooney, Frank Ribery, Ronaldo (the good one), and many other greats. Trophies are sure to follow.

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