Friday, September 17, 2010

Catching Up

Today will be devoted to some of the more notable stories over the past week that my absence from this space forced me to neglect.

The first: more alleged silly theatricality from the SSP. About a week after it was revealed that La Barbie wasn't taken down in a massive Federal Police operation but rather turned himself in, one of the journalists who survived a kidnapping in Gómez Palacio earlier this summer says he wasn't actually rescued either, but that he managed to escape after his kidnappers were spooked by a helicopter and took off. Subsequently, he and his colleagues faced pressure from the SSP to participate in the ruse to the public that they had been liberated thanks to heroics from the Federal Police. Now, the same cameraman from Televisa Torreón is asking for asylum in the US, saying he fears for his safety.

Assuming this is true, in addition to a lack of competence throughout the ranks, there is an equally worrying lack of wisdom from those at the top of Mexico's security mountain.

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