Thursday, September 9, 2010

More on La Barbie's "Arrest"

Some sharp comments from Leo Zuckermann:
These videos always seemed weird to me. Why would someone like La Barbie confess so easily when the first thin lawyers tell their client is to shut up? The smiles and confessions from Valdez begin to make sense it's true that he turned himself in so as to join a protected witness program and therefore give up "bigger fish" to the authorities.

I continue to think that the detention of the La Barbie, one of the most violent criminals in the country, is good news, even with all of the informational confusion that has surrounded the case. It's a shame that a good police action is tarnished by a failed communication that unfortunately only awakens the suspicious instinct in many Mexicans.
The second paragraph basically echoes what I said a handful of posts ago, so of course I'm partial to that line of thinking. It also occurs to me that if the idea was to have him hand over other criminals still on the street, then there was nothing stupider than parading him in front of the camera.

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