Friday, September 17, 2010

Enrique Peña Nieto Is like Mayweather Ducking Pacquiao

I don't think Peña Nieto's underhanded gambit to avoid having his pick face an alliance opponent in next year's race to replace him by itself will trickle down into the public consciousness, though it should. There is, however, a growing list of starkly and objectively deficient moments in his tenure (the Paulette case, his absentee swine flu response, this) that together could begin to put a dent in the popular support for him. I don't see how anyone paying close attention doesn't have grave concerns about his judgment and his readiness for the presidency. He's definitely slick, which explains his popularity, but the more you see him, you get the feeling it's not like Bill Clinton was slick (which would in and of itself be worth keeping an eye on), but rather like James Woods' pimp in Casino. My biggest complaint about AMLO since 2006 is that he's simply not a democrat. Peña Nieto isn't there yet, but you have to wonder if his instincts aren't similar.

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