Friday, February 26, 2010

Worried about the Alliances

Calderón says that the electoral alliances with the PRD worry him. Too bad he doesn't have a powerful position in the party so that he could do something about it. Oh, wait.

Calderón seems to be selling the idea that he is above the political fray, and he has no responsibility for the alliances. Any political decisions come from César Nava, and Calderón can disapprove of them like any ordinary panista, but he can't interfere with the process. That's simply not credible. PRI big shot Jesús Murrillo, for one, doesn't believe it. But it's not a silly strategy simply because it beggars belief; even if you give the president the benefit of the doubt, he comes off looking like a powerless dupe despite occupying the most important position in the country. He's either disingenuous or impotent, neither of which is a very appealing trait.

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