Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Adrián Rueda slammed the government of Marcelo Ebrard last week for not heeding warnings from the federal authorities about the coming storms that ended up paralyzing parts of the city:
Everything indicates that the Mexico City government was aware of the emergency, but they didn't give it importance; now Ebrard, skillfully, appears on the streets handing out refrigerators and money to citizens whom he didn't alert about the danger.

Because we shouldn't forget that the capital government has denied to make public the risk map for Mexico City, which signals the vulnerable zones in case of earthquakes, floods, or rains.

And that's without taking into account that the previous UNAM administration tired of warning the Mexico City government that it had to address the drainage problem in the city or it could flood; El Peje told them to go to hell and here are the consequences.
For what it's worth, the local and federal governments seem to be cooperating now: a crash plan has been hammered out by Ebrard's, Peña Nieto's, and Calderón's governments to complete 42 hydraulic and drainage projects in the next 120 days, just in time for the coming rainy season in the Mexico City region.

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