Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trouble out on the Oil Platform*

After being escorted off the premises at gunpoint, employees at the Pemex facilities in Reynosa, which shares a border with McAllen, Texas, called the army. When the soldiers responded, their helicopter was fired upon by a group of truck-bound suspects. The army now reports that they captured the trucks, but won't acknowledge whether or not their were any detainees (which is really worrying for a group that has had serious human rights accusations made against it, and is a sign that the army is not serious about addressing them), but it did find four tons of marijuana on the site.

Pemex's relationship with organized crime is nothing new, but it's generally been the criminals stealing and then selling oil. Using Pemex as a holding station is something new.

*I guess it's not a platform, but the above makes a better, folksier 1950s-ish movie title.

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