Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapo's Underling Talks

One of Chapo Guzmán's alleged lieutenants, a Sonoran named José Vázquez Villagrán, was arrested earlier this week. It's not clear how close he was to Chapo (in this video he admits to talking with him on the telephone exactly once), but in any event he does offer some comments about Chapo's operation. Among them: Chapo's prohibits kidnapping, he controls the North, and he has a close eye on what's going on in his organization. In Vázquez's words, "Everything gets kicked up to that man." Again it doesn't seem that we're talking about a close confidant so the info may not be 100 percent reliable, but it's worth noting that this conflicts to certain extent with the declaration of Eduardo Medina Mora last year that Chapo was more of an emblematic than operational boss.

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