Thursday, February 18, 2010

More on the Same-Sex Marriage Challenge

Here's Leo Zuckermann:
According to a spokesman from [the PGR], for them its strictly a judicial matter and "not based on social, political, or religious considerations". Why do the panistas hide their conservatism and shield themselves with legal arguments? Why the shame at defending their values? Could it be because, as Héctor Aguilar Camín says, the conservative reaction against gay marriage only hides the profound homophobia that exists in our country? Would it embarrass panistas to admit that prejudice?

These days I have heard some liberals that are in favor of gay marriage, and their right to adopt, but that believe that it was an error for the capital city government to approve this law because it will wake up the powerful "conservative lion" that exists in Mexico. They argue that, as was the case with the decriminalization of abortion, this will unleash a conservative reaction that will not only set liberal legislation in Mexico City back, but will also promote regressive legislation across the country. I don't share this worry. If this type of law awakens the conservative lion, then it is welcome. Liberals will have to confront this carnivore, as long as it doesn't hide behind "strictly judicial" arguments.
In further news, Ebrard characterized other states' challenge to Mexico City laws as "unacceptable".

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