Monday, February 22, 2010

Generals on Drug Combat

Colin Powell admitted in an appearance in Monterrey that the US has not done enough to limit demand for drugs. These kinds of comments seem to be growing more frequent from American officials (Hillary Clinton won plaudits for similar comments last March), and I suppose it's better to acknowledge that fact rather than deny it, but it also reminds one of the kid who earnestly apologizes for some bit of mischief that he will most certainly repeat if given the chance.

A slightly less famous general, Mexican Defense Secretary Guillermo Galván, said last week that the fight against drugs can't be continued forever and that Mexico's Congress needs to pass security reforms as soon as possible. The article only paraphrases his comments, so as far as the "fight" against drug traffickers (which was also paraphrased as a war at one point), it's hard to know if he means the use of the army or just the generalized spirit of combat with drug traffickers.

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