Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Spoils in the Chamber of Deputies

I really liked this picture. The article it accompanies details the divvying up of committees in the Chamber of Deputies. The final tally pretty closely mirrored the vote totals in the July election: 20 of the 44 committees went to the PRI (including the budget committee), 12 to the PAN (including finance), six to the PRD, three to the Green Party, and one each to the Workers Party (which is actually the foreign relations committee, under the stewardship of Porfirio Muñoz Ledo), Convergencia, and Panal.


David said...

Watch for friction in the DF committee, which went to PAN Dep. Gabriela Cuevas, despite the PRD having a political hammerlock on the capital. Cuevas was formerly borough chief in Miguel Hidalgo (home to lots of ritzy areas such as Polanco) and helped derail plans for Mayor Marcelo Ebrard's bicentennial tower. Before that, she was in the DF Assembly and perpetually attempted to embarrass AMLO. (How successful she was is up for debate.)

PRD Assembly speaker Alejandra Barrales has already expressed her displeasure with the Cuevas appointment ... this could get interesting.

pc said...

I saw a not about the PRD's anger, but I didnt know that Cuevas had that history. Just what DF needs is more personal rancor and feuds.