Thursday, September 24, 2009

Defending Juanito

Marcelo Ebrard has come out in defense of Rafael Acosta's legal right to be seated as the Iztapalapa borough chief. This implies something of a break with AMLO, since Acosta's ambitions constitute a broken promise to AMLO (to step aside for AMLO's preferred candidate) and a thumb in the ex-presidential candidate's eyeball. I've seen no response from AMLO so far. Though the AMLO-Ebrard break has long seemed inevitable, Acosta seems like a sort of odd place to mark his independence, given that regardless of who winds up in the seat, the whole thing is a bit of an embarrassment. Perhaps Ebard chose Acosta to combat the submissive image Ebrard projected before AMLO when the Acosta-Brugada-Oliva episode kicked off in June.

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