Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pessimism from Pundits

Alberto Aziz Nassif, from yesterday's column:
Everyday the bad news hits the citizens of this country who are passing through very difficult moments. The expectations have become more pessimistic each day. It becomes difficult to imagine that the immediate future could be a little better.
And César Cansino, from Saturday:
Our country suffers from a very grave economic and insecurity crisis. Nobody doubts that. But still graver, much more shameful, is that we citizens don't have expectations for exiting the crisis nor for neutralizing crime and violence.
The above sentiments are quite common among Mexican analysts, and there is most certainly a current of pessimism running from Cancún to Tijuana, but said sentiments are also rote. It's an easy narrative to jump on for a column, but it's far too simplistic to be accurate. More on this later.

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