Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun Matchup

I suspect the Bayern Munich-Real Madrid tie could be one of the most entertaining of the Champions League. My reasoning: Real runs on eight cylinders against any team other than Barça, and as a result, they are often vulnerable at the back. A lot of teams seem to mentally fold with the Ronaldo, et al's first wild run up the field, as though they were being attacked by the Mongol horde instead of just in danger of losing a soccer game, and are therefore unable to make the most of the opposition's vulnerabilities. When teams don't do that, such as Real's last 135 minutes of action against Valencia, the product on the field is quite something. Bayern, playing at home, amply endowed with attacking talent of their own (though not so much that Mourinho will get scared, as with Barça), will find and exploit Real's vulnerabilities. I expect lots of goals today.

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