Friday, April 20, 2012

The Definitive Clásico Analysis

Here's Eduardo Alvarez, and truer words have never been written:
But fourth and more important, Bayern unveiled the ultimate anti-CR7 weapon: you only need one of your players, in this case Arjen Robben, to wear an impossibly tight shirt, far tighter than Ronaldo's. When this happens, CR7 reacts like the bride of the wedding when she discovers a stunningly beautiful bridesmaid equipped with an unseemly cleavage: first shock, then denial, finally frustration. On Saturday, Pep Guardiola should order Carles Puyol to dress an S-size Barcelona shirt and Ronaldo will be history.


Ray said...

Maybe he meant Piqué?
Puyol needs an ear trim, then a hair cut, before he can pull that off.

pc said...

Either one will work. Although I think after about 20 minutes, Ronaldo just disappears to a certain degree against any first-rate team that doesn't fold.

Ray said...

Hey Ronaldo didn't get the script!

Piqué (and 4-3-3) could well have made that 1-0 Barca, right?
Can't wait for the Champions Clásico.
That is going to happen.