Friday, December 3, 2010


As is the case elsewhere, everyone is all atwitter because of the release of cables having to do with Mexico. Many of the revelations are interesting enough, though none that I've seen are especially remarkable: Hillary was worried about Calderón's stress level, Carlos Pascual thought that the Marines were more trustworthy and competent than the army. Given that, I think the full-throated condemnations from the Mexican government are odd. Everyone probably assumes there is juicier stuff in diplomatic cables; if what they are saying merely echoes what you read in the papers, who cares? It's not like anyone thinks a great deal less of Calderón or Mexico because of what was leaked thus far. Nor does anyone believe that Mexican diplomats abide by some higher code of conduct in their cables back home.

Also, someone earlier this week (I think it was Matt Yglesias) was saying that the Saudis worrying about Iran doesn't reflect only their own concerns, but their perceptions of what the Americans want to hear. The same thing occurred to me as I was reading about Calderón voicing worries about Chávez interfering with Mexican politics.

You can find further commentary from Malcolm and Richard.

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