Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Margarita's Out, and Other Notable Comments from a Calderón Interview

In a radio interview, Felipe Calderón (and perhaps his wife deserves more of the credit here, but she wasn't speaking) wisely popped any bubble of support that threatened to form around his wife ahead of a 2012 run. Virtually the whole of the Mexican political system was united against Fox's pseudo-attempts to have Marta Sahagún run under the PAN banner in 2006, and while Zavala is much, much more appealing than Sra. de Fox, it's better to nip that in the bud.

Referring to the recent escape of 141 inmates from a Tamaulipas prison, Calderón expressed frustration with a pithy yet oddly personal line: "I grab them, they let them out".

The following portion was also interesting in that it shows Calderón aspiring to magnanimity in 2012, while he benefited from precisely the opposite choice from Fox in '06:
Asked whether the PRI would be the enemy to beat in 2012, as Andrés Manual López Obrador was in 2006, the president said no and that as long as the contest was democratic and fair, "whoever turns out to be the winner, man, woman, or party, it will be good for Mexico".

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