Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WikiMexico, Part One Million or So

There wasn't a whole lot in the most recent WikiLeaks article from the NY Times that dealt with Mexico, and the portions that did offered revelations that fell short of earth-shattering. Nonetheless, I think two ideas were further illustrated as true: one, the DEA is a bureaucratic behemoth whose power could make national legalization of drugs very hard to pull off even if a majority of Americans are behind it. And if we do eventually legalize, it'll be interesting to see what happens to diplomacy in a lot of these countries where a large proportion of the bilateral communication is through the DEA. Two, the fact that Guillermo Galván complained of police corruption and asked for greater cooperation with the DEA suggests that while competency may be a lingering problem for Calderón's security team, honesty at the top of the military chain of command is less of one.

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