Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Capo Killed?

Via Boz and Malcolm and Reuters, there are rumors that La Familia big shot El Mas Loco, or Nazario Moreno if you want to go by what his mama called him, was killed in the fighting with Federal Police in Michoacán yesterday. That would bring the total of capos brought down in the past year to seven: Moreno, Nacho Coronel, La Barbie, Sergio Villarreal, Teo García, Tony Tormenta, and Arturo Beltrán. Or am I forgetting someone else? That doesn't amount to a successful counter-drug policy in and of itself, but it's a pretty striking jump given the lack of big-timers arrested under Calderón up until December 2009.


malcolm said...

don't forget vicente zambada niebla and vicente carrillo leyva. while they were alleged narco-juniors, they were also believed to be very high-up. and alfredo beltran leyva and eduardo arellano felix in early 2008. and la reina in 2007, although now that she's walked, not sure whether to count that at all.

pc said...

Yeah I kind of tend to think of Arturo Beltrán Leyva as the turning point for starting the current run, and those that you mentioned were months (or even years) before him, but no question that they were significant too.