Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Less of a Fan For Distance. Well, Not Much Less Anyway.

The story in the North of Mexico this weekend isn't any lifeless body or corrupt official, but the Clásico Norteño doubling as the final of the Mexican League: Santos vs. Monterrey. Santos carries a 3-2 edge into Monterrey for this evening's game, and Laguneros and ex-Laguneros alike have to feel good about their chances. Should they win, it'll mean the first title for perennially snake-bit coach Rubén Omar Romano, who I believe has lost the final four separate times without ever winning, none more heartbreaking than last spring's when Santos had a 3-1 edge in penalty kicks and missed two straight chances to close it out. Romano was also kidnapped while coaching Cruz Azul in 2005, his first match back being the first Mexican league game I ever saw live.

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