Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Notes about Mexican Society, One Surprising, One Not

According to a recent study, Mexico has the eighth-largest population of Facebook users in the world, with 16 million. The fact that Mexico is among the most Facebookero nations is not much of a shocker, as anyone who has much interaction with Mexicans 40 and under can tell you. Still, that Mexico, a developing nation with only about 30 million internet users, would outpace Spain, Australia, and various other more developed nations (not to mention less developed but far larger nations like India) is a testament to Mexicans' enduring sociability.

Also, a new congressional report found that one out of every ten Mexican men is anorexic. Now that I set it to paper (metaphorically speaking), I actually don't believe that (it would be more than a quarter of the non-overweight male population), but I do wonder if there's a hidden male anorexia epidemic racing around the nation.

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