Monday, August 16, 2010

Interesting Name

According to Bajo Reserva (which may be overstating it a bit), Marcelo Ebrard has spurned the support of two of the biggest currents in the Mexican left, instead building his own tribe (as they are called in Mexico) in order to serve as his base of support for the 2012 elections.

The name of Ebrard's wing: the Renovator Left in Movement. It has all the elegance of a drunken college kid; it goes down smooth like a glass of turpentine. It's not clear if he chose that name in order to put himself in the best position possible vis-a-vis 2012, or if he's in a little known contest to develop the most unappealing political movement name on the globe. And no, it's not something that sounds a lot better in Spanish.

More here.


Aguachile said...
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Aguachile said...

And, unfortunately, El Universal's fact checkers are on par with Milenio: They refer to the "amlistas" of Izquierda Democrática Nacional.
The amlistas, followers of Amalia García of Foro Nuevo Sol, are diametrically opposed to the IDN of Bejarano/Padierna.

pc said...

Poor cub reporters writing about the PRD, you'd need 60-page atlas to keep track of all of the different currents and their leaders and their alliances.