Monday, August 9, 2010

Another President for Legalization

Yesterday, Vicente Fox published on his blog a blunt argument for drug legalization in Mexico, describing it as a way to undercut DTOs' income and operating structure. It could also help future problems in the bud, because the local market in many cities that see rising drug use in the coming generation would would be taken away from the black market. This would make the existence of future Juárez's less likely. How such a move would effect the major organizations like Chapo Guzmán's is a lot harder to predict, and would also depend on how the US reacts.

In any event, this makes three consecutive essentially standard-issue politician, orthodox, centrist or center-right presidents in Mexico who are making noise about legalization. Mexico's elite is turning into one of the hemisphere's most enlightened and open on this issue. Also striking is the fact that the US, whatever other criticisms of its ineffectual drug policy one may feel inclined to make, has been mostly silent on this.

More on the subject from Richard.

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