Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good News from Torreón, More Federal Government Targeting of Sinaloa

Three of the four journalists kidnapped in Torreón last week were rescued by the Federal Police. (The other had already been released.) In the press conference following the rescue, Genaro García Luna blamed the kidnappings on Chapo Guzmán, which seems a more verbal shot across the capo's bow than is typical from the federal government. This follows not only the death of Nacho Coronel, but the army's subsequent killing of his nephew and would-be successor. This all may be coincidence, but it does seem as there is a more aggressive push to get tough on Sinaloa figures in the past week. Now I just need to see a quote from Edgardo Buscaglia explaining why it's all a sham.


jd said...

Not just a quote, but an incredibly specific one, something like "Nacho Coronel was only responsible for 15.43% of Sinaloa's smuggling operation and will only reduce the group's hold from 713 municipalities to 694." I'm sure you saw last week's proclamation, that Mexican narcos' international presence has increased precisely 735% in the last 4 years (probably it's 734.8, but those cheating journalists are always rounding numbers). Interestingly, his quotes came from Afghanistan, where he is apparently currently consulting. It's perfect - that sort of metric "precision" must make the US military swoon like schoolgirls.

We love you, Edgardo, but you really need to start your own line of t-shirts. Maybe one that says "48.23 percent man, 51.77 percent amazing" with "Edgardo Buscaglia" in a stylish, smaller font underneath. The possibilities are endless.

pc said...

That was the same thing that said the Chinese and the Russian criminal groups were the only greater powers than Mexican drug gangs? Yeah that was kind of weird, like espn's cross-sports rankings, or a deep discussion about whether or not the flash could take the punisher. In general, his comments often remind you of a Vietnam-era military spokesperson, all with an extremely authoritative air.

I cant wait to pick some of those shirts. They're probably for sale already at one of the DF metro markets.