Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lookalikes, Miss Mexico Edition

That would be Televisa personality Marisol González (Miss Mexico 2003) on the left, who coincidentally is from Torreón and went to school where I taught (though years before my arrival), and Jimena Navarrete, the just-crowned Miss Universe. I guess the rejoinder would be that all beauty queens look the same, but I think this resemblance goes above and beyond. Maybe we need Burro Hall to weigh in.


Burro Hall said...

You know, it's funny - until you pointed this out, I never even noticed their physical appearance. I mean, it's what's inside that makes a beauty queen a beauty queen. But I gotta say, the resemblance is pretty amazing.

In the end, they all turn into the abuelita who sells gorditas from the storefront down the street from me. And that's not a bad thing.

pc said...

Thank you! I mentioned the parecido to someone and they thought I was crazy. But yeah it's definitely the answers to the final question that lingers in the mind.