Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Santos Campeón!

A huge win for Santos, and what a way to do it: the demons --Monterrey and Tigres-- have been exercised! I saw broadcasters talking about Oribe Peralta going to Europe after such a successful season at Santos. Peralta's been huge for Santos for a few seasons now, but it's hard to see that working out well for him. I can't think of one aspect of his game that would allow him to thrive in Europe--he's not that big, or fast, or particularly hard to drive from the ball (i.e. Chupete Suazo), nor does he have a particular knack for finding space (i.e. Chicharito) in the area. I've also never seen him play anything but striker, so I don't know if he has other gifts for building the attack that would translate well to La Liga. I'd rather see him score buckets of goals for Santos for the next five years, but of course, if he goes, Gancho wishes him all the success in the world.

Also, I don't know quite which adjective should be applied to this photo, which was taken from outside the stadium. It's a good one though. 

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