Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fourth Time Is a Charm

Not entirely unlike the man photographed in the post below, I had planned on a year-long sabbatical from blogging, to clear my head and to charge my batteries and cliche cliche cliche and to see if any wealthy Russians wanted to pay me millions to come and revitalized their blogging organizations in London.

Or something. I still may do so, but Santos' return to the finals of the Liguilla, beginning 32 minutes from now, is worthy of comment. Santos has lost three consecutive finals in the past three years, four if you count the finals loss to Monterrey in last month's ConcaChampions. All have been, in different ways, rather heartbreaking. Two of those losses have against Monterrey, who is tonight's opponent as well. The bleeding must stop. I love Suazo, but I hope he racks up significantly more offsides calls than he does scoring chances.

More on these issues here.


Mexfiles said...

Good to see you back. I was starting to worry :-)

pc said... need to worry, of course.