Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Change in Mexico

I very much liked this point from Noel Maurer, in reference to Mexico's most famous debate hostess/centerfold:
When I lived in Mexico, during the late 1990s, I often found myself arguing with people over the rate of cultural change in that country. It was blinding, even in those days before the internets and all that. And the pace has not slowed.

Evidence of change is not that the woman in the white dress handed out the order in which the presidential candidates were to speak. Evidence of change is that it was extremely controversial and prompted an apology by the organizers.


Ray said...

I was surprised how much attention that dress got. Don't politicians get interviewed by Brozo?
It does seem that the internet has made goofs and such get more play than, say, what the candidates propose.

pc said...

Yeah but there you know what you are getting going in. No one expected the cover of H Extremo at the debates. Even so, it got more play than I would have expected too.