Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Penny for a Better Memory of My Own Words

I hope Aguachile doesn't mind me lifting this post entirely, but it's an anecdote worth repeating.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said that he is not an enemy of private investment, and that he has not ever called businessmen "white collar criminals." He went as far as to say that he never used the phrase, and would even resign as presidential candidate if it were ever proven that he had uttered these words.

Yes, step down from the presidential contest.

La Jornada, Michoacán edition, June 27, 2006:
"No son empresarios, son traficantes de influencias los que están impulsando esa campaña, nada más que no tiene ni caso mencionarlos, son los que han hecho jugosos negocios, son delincuentes de cuello blanco, traficantes de influencias, los que no quieren que las cosas cambien verdaderamente en nuestro país."
I'm actually kind of surprised at the date of this comment. My memory is that his rhetoric was notably less fiery prior to the election.

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