Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kate del Castillo Says Some of the Silliest Things I've Ever Heard

Aiming to definitively disprove the idea that one can be a successful actor and a thinking human being, here comes the star of La Reina del Sur:
This Tuesday morning, the star of the televsion series La Reina del Sur, wrote through her account @katedelcastillo:


“Today I believe El Chapo Guzmán more than the government that hide painful turths from me, those who hide the cure for cancer, AIDS, et cetera for their own benefit and wealth", wrote the actress who then asked the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel to change, to stop trafficking and live right, and to thus turn himself into the "hero of heroes". In her note she said wouldn't it "be cool" if El Chapo began to traffic for the sake of good, with cures for the sick...
The mixture of a 6-year-old's naivety and a crackpot's conspiratorial suspicions is an odd one.

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