Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vázquez Mota Wants the Army in Its Barracks

From El Universal:
With regard to security, Vázquez Mota indicated that the army must return to its barracks, but as part of what would be a second phase of the fight against organized crime.

Nevertheless, she felt that today there are citizens in some states who are afraid to go outside without the presence of the armed forces.

"Therefore, I think that we have to continue strengthening the local institutions, the police, the ministerios públicos; it's a task of shared responsibility and a task in which the population should be involved in a significant way," she said.
Of course, Calderón wasn't saying anything hugely different before he was president, or even a year into his presidency, unless I am mistaken. Nonetheless, her instincts are seem right, and her previously reported comments on organized crime consisted in little more than an affirmation that she would continue combating it, so this is encouraging.

Other Vázquez Mota info: she remains the runaway favorite in the PAN race according to Milenio, and Humberto Moreira included her alongside AMLO as the principal threats to the PRI in 2012.


malcolm beith said...

Note that El Universal paraphrased her rather than using her exact words. I don't think she's distancing from Calderon's policy here at all. He, too, has said throughout that he wants to the army back in the barracks, eventually.

pc said...

Yeah definitely not a significant change of direction, but it could perhaps be a change of emphasis. RE Calderon, he has certainly said very similar stuff in the past, but he hasn't made many comments along those lines recently, or not many that have gotten much press.