Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brazil Disappoints 30,000 Laguneros, and Me

Last night's Brazil-Mexico friendly was the most Brazilian performance in the history of the Brazilian national team, perhaps in the longer history of Brazil, maybe even in the still longer history of performance. Seventy-five minutes of uninspired crap, Neymar getting hip-checked sixty feet every few minutes, Marcelo and Alves racing forward like the spastic wingers at an ten-year-old select game, and David Luiz popping it into his own net for the game's only score. Mexico wasn't looking particularly smashing either, but better than Brazil. And then, five minutes of flurried, ten-man activity, a pair of huge cracks from Marcelo and Ronaldinho, and Mexico was walking out of the lovely TSM (even lovelier without any gunfire interrupting the game) losers, for the first time in the Chepo de la Torre era. And I went to bed disappointed.

Also, this strikes me as the most Mourinhista photo in the history of Mourinho.

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