Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Tony Wayne's Arrival and Pascual's Removal

New piece on the changeover in the American embassy in Mexico City.


Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre said...

Really excellent work on your blog. Agree or concur with it all. You are no longer in Torreon? I am still pretty much at our place in outside of Ciudad Victoria, up in the mountains.
Do you have a picture of the Paseo de la Reforma during the Lopez-Obrador occupation back in 2006? I have some poor ones, but perhaps you would have a nice example of the filth and 'actitud prepotente' of the occupation.

Please feel free to dive in at our website and blog. Thanks for your time.

pc said...

Thanks for reading. I am not longer in Torreon, for better or worst, nor do I have any photos of AMLO's protest, which is rather silly of me, since i was there. Ni modo.

I'll be checking your blog out here momentarily.