Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Madrid Deals

Real Madrid's big-spending path to trophies is an easy target for teasing and distaste. There's a lot that's worrisome about it, and of course there is much that is odious about the current iteration of Los Blancos, but, as this Sport article purporting to tease Madrid demonstrates, one thing that gets lost is that they have made a number of really shrewd signings. Particularly, Marcelo for €6 million, and Ozil, Higuaín, and Khedira for €10 million are rather astute fichajes. Especially Ozil: after the 2010 World Cup, after four seasons in the Bundesliga with Schalke and Werder Bremen, how did they pry him loose for so little? Maybe this photo has something to do with it:

Wow. That is something. Anyway, obviously, Kaká for €65 million is quite something else, as is Lass for €20 for that matter. But there has also been a lot of wisdom in Madrid's signings in recent years.


Ray said...

Those are the signing numbers. How about salaries?
How about salaries after they all get "sad?"

pc said...

Jaja, they must be low, otherwise everyone would be happy right? Europe is a little more tight lipped about the salary deals than you see in US sports, but I believe Samuel Eto'o is the highest paid player in the world at 20m per year, while CR7 and Messi make somewhere in the neighborhood of 15m. It's odd that there is such a transfer market bubble but not a salary bubble.