Monday, December 5, 2011

Troublesome Tweets

Enrique Peña Nieto's 16-year-old daughter's Twitter account earned some attention for the following retweet:
She, or more likely he, has since closed the account. Personally I think we should make all the candidates and their family members tweet a "saludo a la bola de pendejos, que..." and then just see how they finish the thought. It could be more illuminating than a debate.


Richard Grabman said...

It's not exactly wise for a PRI candidate to dis the "prols"... even if it is coming from the candidate's daughter. Coming across as another "junior" in a year when there is world-wide discontent with the "haves" may change the whole political landscape.

Peña Nieto is still assumed to be the front-runner in next July's elections, but one should never make assumptions.

pc said...

Yeah it's stupid politically aside from repugnant. I'm sure she's coming across as a "have" blithely unconcerned with the rest because she is one, which reflects horribly on her dad. God help me if I ever have a 16 year who supports a sentiment like that one.

I do still think he's the runaway favorite, but we shall see. A lot of time left, a lot of tweets.