Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Evidently, the celebration on Saturday night was just a bit too much for my weak constitution--I passed out not long after the third goal from Cesc and just woke up 20 minutes ago. Wow! Quite a game. It seems I was lucky to have Van Winkled the second leg of the Mexican final.


Ray said...

Yeah the final was a stinker. The arbitro blew the game right off the bat with that bad call.

If you recorded the game, go back to a minute before Fábrigas' goal. He makes a tackle in the back right, then runs the length of the field diagonally to make that header. Remarkable.

pc said...

Hi Ray, thanks for reading.

Yeah Rodriguez had a terrible game. I'm sick of seeing that guy in every big game in Mexico anyway, time for some new blood.

I didnt record the Clasico, so I missed that detail. I was glad to see Cesc find a way into the game. Those runs from very deeo is one thing that makes him different from the other midfielders on the team. He's had a weird season--he's had some great moments and some great games, but there are long stretches when he doesn't seem to fit in with the rest. Although it was never going to be seamless, and overall he's done more than I would have expected.