Friday, October 19, 2012

La Maestra Leading the SEP?

I've been paying more attention to non-Mexico topics lately, thanks to The Man, but I did see earlier this week that Leo Zuckermann tossed Elba Esther Gordillo's name out there as a potential Secretary of Education. It made for an interestingly provocative article, one whose point was certainly not pro Gordillo --it was more, Make her put her money where her mouth is-- but of course that would be a giant kick in the stones to anyone interested in Mexico's educational system, which is to say, Mexico itself.


Mexfiles said...

SOunds like Lazaro Cardenas, who "promoted" the politically inconvenient, but powerful (Tomas Garrido Canibal being the best example), to the cabinet, where their own power base was undercut by the competing interests. And, then, let them screw themselves out of a job (and in Garrido Canibal's instance, into exile).

But EPN isn't Cardenas, and Garrido Canibal actually knew a lot about agriculture (his secretariat), so managed to do some good in his time in the cabinet. Can't say Elba Esther would do the same.

Mauricio Salvador said...

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